Chiropractic Entrance Essay

Example Chiropractic Personal Statement

Through my college studies and my involvement with sport and manual work, I have come to appreciate the susceptibility of the human body to physical injury, and also gained an appreciation of the different techniques that can be used to prevent or remedy such injuries. At the same time, I have always had an interest in how the human body works, as well as a keen desire to be involved with a specialised health profession in which I can work with people on their injuries and help improve their physical wellbeing. For these reasons, I am interested in training to be a chiropractor.

At the moment I am studying for a level 3 BTEC in Sports and Exercise Sciences. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities that the course has given me to gain a detailed knowledge of how the human body works, particularly with regard to how it responds to physical exertion. At the same time, it has also fuelled my interest in the sciences and professions that have developed to treat physical pain. I am sometimes astonished by the advances in fields such as chiropractic and physiotherapy that have allowed very severe injuries and discomfort to be treated and healed. The BTEC builds on my enthusiasm for playing a practical role in treating injuries which I have developed through completing courses such as a certificate in Emergency First Aid with Sports Injuries and a level 2 Sports Leader Certificate. I look forward to the opportunities that university study will give me to develop my understanding of both the theoretical side of human sciences and the practical side of giving treatment.

My interest in becoming a chiropractor was confirmed through a work shadowing placement that I did at a local chiropractic clinic. The placement gave me the opportunity to fully understand the daily demands of working as a chiropractor. I was impressed by the levels of positive feedback that the chiropractor received from patients, who seemed genuinely grateful for the treatment that they received. Observing their responses to treatment inspired me to want to follow a similar career path. At the same time, I the placement also made me aware of the complexities of this profession; it seemed to me that the chiropractor was always interested in learning more about the profession and new scientific developments within it.

In addition to this work placement, I have also experienced working life in other fields. At present I work as a barman and waiter at a local hotel. I enjoy the feeling of independence that work and earning money brings. Just as importantly, I feel that the job has taught me several skills, such as timekeeping, the ability to communicate and work as part of a team. For the last three years I have worked as a roofing labourer during the summer holidays. This experience helped me form the idea that I would be interested in working in a position that involved physical therapy. Before starting the work, I was required to complete a health and safety course, which alerted me for the first time to the importance of the capacities of different parts of the body to support heavy weights. Witnessing colleagues sustain injuries through not correctly following advice on how to lift correctly furthered my interest in how the body responds to physical stress. I am highly passionate about sport and exercise, and spend a large amount of my spare time either playing sport or at the gym. This has also expanded my understanding of the body.

Overall, I believe that I am a hard-working person with a strong motivation and a good ability to study human sciences and chiropractic, and I also feel that I have the determination and the personal qualities to build a successful career in this area and therefore be able to play a role in improving people’s quality of life and helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We hope this example Chiropractic personal statement is a useful guide for relevant content and structure for the writing of your own statement.

Why do people choose to become a chiropractor?

People frequently choose the field of chiropractic because they love the idea of helping people achieve health naturally, without the use of drugs and surgery.
People who make successful chiropractors usually possess qualities such as:

  • an affinity for wellness and a healthy lifestyle
  • an entrepreneurial spirit and an enthusiasm for being your own boss
  • an enjoyment of meeting and spending time with people
  • a personal drive to help people and make a difference
  • a willingness to be different and say something new and important

How do you become a Doctor of Chiropractic?

The Doctor of Chiropractic Program at Life West is a professional program which typically takes three and a half years (14 quarters) to complete. The program is entered after the student has completed a bachelor degree or at least 90 semester hours of undergraduate work, with significant specific (see pre-requisites) preparatory coursework completed in the health sciences.

A chiropractic professional education provides the doctoral candidate with a core of knowledge in the basic sciences, clinical sciences, and many related health subjects. A chiropractor is a gatekeeper who provides direct access to the health delivery system and has responsibilities as a primary clinician. In practice, a chiropractor may offer services in wellness promotion, and health assessment, as well as the chiropractic management of the patient’s health care needs. A doctor of chiropractic will consult with, co-manage, or refer to other health care providers when appropriate.

What do you need to do after you graduate to become licensed as a chiropractor?

After earning your Doctor of Chiropractic degree you will need a few more things to get licensed.

  1. National Boards: In order to practice in the US you will need to complete all four parts of the national boards which are independently administered by the NBCE (National Board of Chiropractic Examiners link). Most students take the boards as they go through school and while the information is freshest in their minds.
  2. State license to practice: Every state has slightly different requirements for licensure, ranging from requirements prior to beginning school to specific educational coursework while in chiropractic school.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the requirements of any state you think you might be interested in being licensed in. You can do this research at the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards’ website. Ultimately, it will be your responsibility to make sure that you can become licensed in the state of your choosing.


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